AlcoLock Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device from AlcoWarn

PreLock 90 Alcohol immobilizer

Alcohol immobilizer PreLock 90


The AlcoWarn PreLock 90 is an alcohol immobilizer (alcohol ignition interlock) for testing breath alcohol content before driving.

The system checks the driver’s breath alcohol before each drive and only enables engine start if the test is positive.

PreLock 90 Alcohol Immobilizer Handset

The PreLock 90 is a new generation alcohol interlock and already complies with the latest EU directives, as well as strict requirements for government approvals such as CENELEC EN 50436-1 and EN 50436-2.

Reliable and robust. Hygienic and individually packaged mouthpieces per driver.

PreLock 90 is one of the proven alcohol interlock systems

This speaks for proven system components, reliable breath alcohol analysis, as well as system safety.


  • Advanced + reliable fuel cell sensor technology
  • One-hand operation: simple and user-friendly menu navigation
  • Status LED: indicates operational readiness
  • Can also be used at extreme temperatures -40C to +85C
  • PreLock display shows the task progress graphically and thus very comprehensibly
  • Display: comprehensible graphical representation of task progress Locked / breath test required / activation / new breath test
  • Multiple available and expandable language packs
  • CAN bus capable: drastically reduces installation time + advanced features
  • Updateable: programmable special customer requirements and adaptation to new legal framework conditions
  • Sabotage protection: system detects mechanically simulated and human breath samples
  • Separate driver change button with status LED
  • Test rhythms adjustable: Every engine start / 1x Daily / Spot check
  • Two bridging functions for optimum mobility:
    – In emergency situations, a one-time override function can be used
    – In the unlikely event of a technical malfunction, an emergency PIN can be issued by the control center for bridging purposes
  • WLAN data retrieval: Wireless encrypted data retrieval from vehicle to PC
  • Simple evaluation of system data per driver
  • 12Volt + 24Volt connection possibility
  • Mouthpieces: Hygienic and individually packaged mouthpieces per driver.

Technical data

Rated voltage12 / 24 Volt
Power consumption
Sleep3 mA
Normal< 80 mA
Heating up< 1000 mA

Item number

Scope of delivery

  • Handheld device PreLock90
  • Holder handset
  • Main unit with WLAN antenna
  • Main harness
  • Retest button with status LED


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