AlcoLock Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device from AlcoWarn

PreLock 85 alcohol immobilizer

PreLock 85

Our alcohol immobilizer PreLock 85 is a reliable alcohol check before starting a motor vehicle. Increase road safety by using our product, also known as ignition interlock device or AlcoWarn.

The product consists of two components: A handheld device, by means of which the breath alcohol concentration (breath alcohol value) is measured, and a control unit. The control unit does not release the ignition to start the vehicle until the breath alcohol content has not been exceeded.

This can prevent the driver from moving his motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

PreLock 85 Handset from AlcoWarn

An alcohol immobilizer for trucks, buses, work machines, vans and more.

  • Measurement of the driver’s breath alcohol content.
  • Engine start only after negative test.
  • Data can be transmitted in real time via GPRS.
  • Very fast operational readiness, depending on temperature under 3 seconds.

Product features of the PreLock 85

  • Fuel cell sensor
  • 5-key input
  • Operating temperature: -40° C to +85 ° C
  • RTOS real-time system
  • Multiple languages
  • 240×320 TFT screen
  • More than 20,000 records including test result, test time and date
  • Events can be saved
  • Tiered user management: different permissions for user and administrator
  • Admin can make parameter settings with the Manager Tool
  • Remote and dynamic unlock function
  • Emergency start function
  • Detects fraud attempts
  • Connection mode: cable connection between handheld unit and control unit

Areas of application of the PreLock 85

  • Passenger transport, coaches
  • Public transport (ÖPNV)
  • Car rental
  • School buses
  • Cab company
  • Forwarding agencies, transpot and logistics
  • Probationary period after alcohol therapy

A few technical data

  • Measuring principle: Electrochemical sensor
  • Working temperature: -40º C ~ +85º C
  • Operating pressure: 600~1100hPa
  • Warm-up time: ≤2.5s (20 ºC) / ≤20s (-40 ºC)
  • Display: 240X320 TFT dot matrix color screen with 260 thousand colors, clear and intuitive
  • Calibration: 12 months
  • Storage: Stores over 2 million measurement data, including engine status, test results, date and time of test, etc.


  • BAC: mg/100ml, g/100ml, mg/ml, %
  • BrAC: mg / l, ug / 100ml g / 210 L
  • Language: Multiple languages available
  • LED: connection status, charging status

The device and its accessories

  • PreLock 85 (handset and control unit): 1 set
  • Connection cable between handheld unit and control unit: 1 piece
  • Connection cable between handset and PC: 1 piece
  • Connection cable between control unit and vehicle: 1 piece
  • Operating instructions: 1 piece
  • Mouthpieces: 20 pieces
  • CD: 1 Piece


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